It is important that the calibration of your electronic testing equipment is performed by a certified and accredited service provider like VERRACORP. We provide extensive, accurate and timely electronic calibration services for your wide range of equipment. VERRACORP offers in-lab or on-site calibration services by our highly experienced technicians to meet your calibration and testing needs. 

  • Digital Multimeter Calibration
  • Oscilloscopes/Scope Meters
  • Distortion analysers
  • Signal Generators
  • AC and DC Power supplies
  • Stop Watches
  • Tachometers
  • Sound Level Meters
  • Smart communicators
  • Decade resistance simulators
  • Capacitance meters and simulators

We have provided expert calibration of electronic equipment to a wide range of industries, which are customised to meet our client’s specific requirements. Regardless of your electronic test and calibration needs, you can be assured that at VERRACORP, our expert technicians will incorporate the electronic calibrations industry’s best practices to ensure you get the highest level of quality and service.